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Holy Family Chapel


The Holy Family Chapel Complex is a group of buildings designed for Little Eden Society.

This non-profit organisation takes care of 225 disabled individuals. 

The society was founded by the late Domitilla Hyams. A deeply religious catholic who is awaiting cannonization by the Catholic church.

The chapel is a multi functional space. The chapel allows not only for Holy Mass but concerts, lectures and functions to be held within it's walls.

There is a garden of remembrance, a chaplains residence and walls of remembrance for the residents. 

The complex is located in the heart of a rural farmland.  The village was established to house some 200 residents with mental and physical disabilities.  The existing village is composed of 8 standalone residences, an office wing, a convent, a music centre and a hydrotherapy centre. The site is a working farm and a wetland system endemic with wildlife and birdlife.  An established identity of industrial red face brick informed the design of a large shed. The shed sits at the apex of the site commanding a spiritual and physical presence over the village.  The chapel is a place of respite for each resident, a place to sing, play music, enact plays and be together.

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